World heritage site of UNESCO

The constructions works of Suomenlinna begun in 1748. Suomenlinna is a bastion fortress, which has been developed under three reigns. During all these three time eras, the swedish-, the russian- and the finnish time era, the fortress has been developed and further constructed. Today Suomenlinna is a part of Helsinki city and a home for approx. 800 inhabitants. In 1991 Suomenlinna was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List as an example of unique fortress architecture. Around one million visitors come to Suomenlinna yearly.

The world heritage sites in Finland

Suomenlinna is one of the seven world heritage sites in Finland. Suomenlinna, Old Rauma, Petäjävesi Old Church, Verla Groundwood and Board Mill, Sammallahdenmäki Bronze Age Burial Site, Struve Geodetic Arc and Kvarken Archipelago represent universally particularly valuable cultural- and natural heritages.

The governing body of Suomenlinna is a government agency under the ministry of education and culture that restores, maintains and administers Suomenlinna. Read more about the world heritage and Suomenlinna from their webpages.

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Suomenlinnan rakentaminen

History of Suomenlinna

Read about the fascinating history.

Augustin Ehrensvärd

Augustin Ehrensvärd

The founder of the fortress.

Suomenlinna elokuva

Suomenlinna Museum

Visit the museum all year round.

Ehrensvärd museo Suomenlinna

Ehrensvärd Museum

Visit the home of the founder of Suomenlinna.