The islands of Vallisaari and Lonna

The islands of Suomenlinna Sea Fortress have some interesting and beautiful neighbours, Vallisaari and Lonna, just around the corner.


Over the Russian period the entity of Helsinki’s military islands expanded greatly as the new times of warfare required greater depth and breadth from defense arrangements. Several islands in the vicinity of Suomenlinna – the Old Fortress – were given a stronger military role in the mid-1800s and in the beginning of the 20 th century.


Today the island of Vallisaari and Lonna houses restaurang services and a beautiful nature for visitors to experience in the summertime.

Näkymä Vallisaarelta

The island of Vallisaari

The island of Vallisaari is a combination of deep green forests, great views over the Baltic Sea and interesting history. The island was opened to public relatively recently, in 2016. During its last decades as a military island, Vallisaari was no longer actively used by the Finnish military, which had unexpected yet positive implications on the island: nowadays, Vallisaari offers a green, tranquil environment for visitors to enjoy. The military past is present in the form of fortifications and interesting stories.

The island of Lonna

The history of the island of Lonna concentrates very much around naval mines. Most of the buildings date back to the 1800s, the Russian period. There were i.a. storage spaces for mines on the island as well as a mine laboratory. In the Finnish period, a degaussing station for ships was located at Lonna. The equipment of the station still exists, reminding visitors of the curious past. Photos of Lonna: Teemu Lautamies.
Lonnan saari Helsingin edustalla

Wish to learn more?

Ehrensvärd Society offers guided tours on both islands, Vallisaari and Lonna. Both of the islands are accessible by waterbus service from the Market Square (15min to Lonna, 20min to Vallisaari). For further information on restaurant services on the island of Lonna, please see:
220,00 € / 45 min

Tiny island full of history! From a wealthy widow to mysterious capitulation, gunpowder, mines and degaussing.

Most of the buildings on the island date back to the late 1800s, the Russian period. The buildings included storage spaces for mines as well a mine laboratory. In the Finnish period, a degaussing station for ships was located at Lonna. This, in the situation of the 1940s, turned Lonna into a military secret. The equipment of the degaussing station still exists, reminding visitors of the curious past.

Guided tours are available for groups by reservation from May to September. Arrival to Lonna by waterbus service.

Duration of the tour 30-45 minutes. Price: 230 € Max: 30 persons/group

Reservations by email:

Photo: Teemu Lautamies




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