Read about our seasonal program at Suomenlinna. We offer guided tours, events and much more. Welcome to Suomenlinna!
Suomenlinnan ruotsalainen kausi

Guided tours at Suomenlinna

During the guided walking tour an authorised guide tells about the 260 years of eventful history of Suomenlinna under the rule of three different states as well as the life on the island today. The guide will take you to the most important sights of the fortress, such as the Great Castle Courtyard, Piper’s Park and the Dry Dock, which in its days was among the largest in the world.

Guides at Suomenlinna are authorised by the Ehrensvärd Society together with the National Board of Antiquities and the Governing Body of Suomenlinna. Only authorised guides are allowed to guide groups in Suomenlinna. By using only authorised guides the Ehrensvärd Society wants to ensure the quality and the right historical facts of the tour.

Summertime every day 1st June – 31st August

In English at 11:00, 13:00 and 14:30
In Swedish at 12:00
In Russian at 13:30
In Finnish at 12:00 and 25.6. – 12.8. Guns and Tunnels at 14:00
2.7. – 31.8. in Chinese Monday – Friday at 11:30


The tours start from the Suomenlinna Centre. Duration one hour.

Tickets from webshop

or from Suomenlinna Centre 11/8/4 euros

Jubilee exhibion by Erik Bruun at Suomenlinna Museum

Designer Erik Bruun celebrates his 70th year as a designer in 2019. This exhibition in Suomenlinna Museum celebrates his career.

Erik Bruun is a Finnish graphic designer. Bruun has designed a numerous amount of logotypes, brand guidelines, posters, books, annual reports for Forest Industry companies stamps and even Finnish banknotes. His posters, postcards and stamps mainly describe the Finnish beautiful nature.

Bruun has lived in Suomenlinna for almost 50 years. The nature of the fortress has inspired him for years.