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Suomenlinnan ravintolat

Public guided tours in english

Join a guided tour and hear about the fascinating history of Suomenlinna. Guided tours in english every Saturday at 13.30. The tours start from Suomenlinna Centre and tickets (11 euros) are available at our webshop and Suomenlinna Centre.

Photography exhibition at Suomenlinna Museum

Photography exhibition The Scent of Pine Tar and the Clangor of Hammers: Photographs of the Preservation Work in the Viapori Shipyard presents the preservation of traditional sailing ship in the shipyard at Suomenlinna.

The shipyard, built in the 1750s at Suomenlinna, is Finland’s and Europe’s oldest active dry dock. Today it is used to repair and preserve traditional sailing ships under the supervision of the association Viaporin telakka. When the sailing season ends in the autumn, the ships return to the dock and are repaired during the winter.

Photographer Björn Elmgren has documented the preservation work done at the shipyard since 2018. This exhibition details the history of these sailing ships and the different repairs they require with the help of photographs. For this project, Elmgren has used black and white film. There will also be traditional tools on display.

The Ehrensvärd Society hundred years at Suomenlinna

For one hundred years ago 13th March 1921 the commitee for proctecting the historical sites of Suomenlinna decided to found the Ehrensvärd Society. Since then the society has worked for informing the public about Suomenlinna and its history. This year we will celebrate our one century long work at Suomenlinna!

More information about the special exhibitions at Suomenlinna Museum and at National Archives of Finland and jubileum program can be found at the webpages.