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Alkaen 220,00 € / 20 min

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress was a naval base in the service of the Swedish Archipelago Fleet. The fortress' Dry Dock was used for shipbuilding and as a wintertime port for vessels. The construction of the Dry Dock was also an accomplishment that required plenty of engineering skills and hard work, as did the actual operation of the dockyard in the 1700s.

A visit to the old Pump Room explains how the Dry Dock worked. It also offers a perspective on 1700s technology. Horsepower - literally - was used to operate the pump-machinery that emptied the basins of the Dry Dock after flooding.

The Pump Room is located in the vicinity of Tenaille von Fersen.

Max. group size: 1-25

Duration: approx.  30 min

Price: 220 euro (Sundays ja holidays +30%)




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09 68999850
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Ehrensvärd seura ry
09 68999850
Y-tunnus: 0220249-0

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