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We offer high quality program for groups at Suomenlinna. You may book from us authorized guides, meals, waterbus transportations (during summertime) as well as a wide variety of special program. We can make tourprograms for your group according your wishes and preferances.

We arrange guided walking tours for groups by reservation the year round. Tours can be arranged in 16 different languages. Below you can browse the different tours available.


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Suomenlinna is one the largest sea fortresses in the world, in the past nicknamed the Gibraltar of the North. The permanent exhibition of the Suomenlinna Museum unveils the history of the fortress from the 18th century to the present day, through the Swedish, Russian and Finnish eras. Learn about the years of the construction works, life in the naval base, role of the fortress in conflicts, to the struggles of the Civil War and life thereafter. The temporary exhibition of the museum introduces current themes.

The wide-screen presentation, Suomenlinna Experience, brings the past of the fortress to life in 25 minutes. The wide-screen presentation tells about the construction of the sea fortress, the people who made it all happen and the centuries in the service of three different states. The wide-screen presentation is screened at the Suomenlinna Museum auditorium every 30 minutes during the museum's opening hours. Duration: 25 min.

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Japanese, Germany, Spanish, French and Mandarene Chinese.

Suomenlinna Museum is located in the Suomenlinna Centre, by the Artillery Bay. The museum is open all year round. Please check the opening hours and exceptions at: Suomenlinna Museum



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Ehrensvärd seura ry
09 68999850
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Ehrensvärd seura ry
09 68999850
Y-tunnus: 0220249-0

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