Program for groups at Suomenlinna

We offer high quality program for groups at Suomenlinna. You may book from us authorized guides, meals, waterbus transportations (during summertime) as well as a wide variety of special program. We can make tourprograms for your group according your wishes and preferances.

We arrange guided walking tours for groups by reservation the year round. Tours can be arranged in 16 different languages. Below you can browse the different tours available.


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Guided walking tour for groups

The best way to get to know the fascinating story behind the World Heritage Site of UNESCO, Suomenlinna fortress, is to join a guided tour

Suomenlinna package for groups

Visit the fortress with a guide and watch the award winning wide-screen presentation Suomenlinna Experience.

Guns and Tunnels of Suomenlinna -guided tour for groups

The bastion walls at Kustaanmiekka and Susisaari hide over 200 years old tunnels and casemates. During an exciting tour through the the tunnels and defensive hills you will learn how the engineer troops constructed durable walls to protect one of the biggest sea fortresses in the world.

Suomenlinna-museum tickets

Suomenlinna Museum, located in the Suomenlinna Centre, showcases the eventful history of the island fortress from the 18th century to the present day. It also depicts the restauration of the World Heritage Site, Suomenlinna.

Ehrensvärd-museum tickets

The Ehrensvärd Museum is located on the original central courtyard of the fortress in the Commander’s House. The first occupant of the building was Augustin Ehrensvärd (1710-1772), the founder of the Suomenlinna fortress.

Art and Manners

During this tour you will hear about the luxurious and vivid life of the officers and their families in the 18th century during the Swedish era.

Special tour for the year of remembrance 1918

Come and hear about the hard times of the Finnish Civil War of the year 1918. What happened at Suomenlinna in the beginning of the 20th Century, when Finland gained its independence, during the Civil War and after.

Guided visit to the pump house

The unique Pump House is opened to the public with a guide.

Russian Suomenlinna - tour for groups

After the fortress surrendered to the Russians in 1808, Suomenlinna became a part of Russia along with the rest of Finland.

Gun powder and lilacs - guided tour for groups

The Colonel Didrik Blomcreutz has returned to Suomenlinna.

Lonna Island guided tour for groups
The island is located between Helsinki and Suomenlinna. Its history is intertwined with the history of Suomenlinna.
Guided walking tour at Vallisaari island for groups

The island of Vallisaari is located next to Suomenlinna and opened for the public for the first time in May 2016.

Dreadful Suomenlinna- tour (October – March) for groups

The glorious history of the fortress of Suomenlinna has also its hidden stories.

More interesting program at Suomenlinna

Пушечный шлюп Свеаборг

Cannonsloop Diana

Book a private sailing for your group.


Enjoy a coffee break!

Book a coffee break at Cafe Piper.

Suomenlinna elokuva

Suomenlinna Museum

Visit Suomenlinna Museum all year round.

Suomenlinnan tykistölahti

Waterbus transportation

Book tickets or private transportation.