Program for children and schoolgroups

The best way to get to know the fascinating story behind the World Heritage Site of UNESCO, Suomenlinna fortress, is to join a guided tour.

The cannon sloop tours with Diana offer unique sea voyages with an old vessel and a sense of history in an interesting and exciting way. The crew in 18th century gcostums enlivens the journey on board. The vessel moves by means of sailing or rowing, as well as with a motor.The sailing season lasts until the end of September.

Guided walking tour

Suomenlinna Kustaanmiekka
See the most important sights of the fortress on a guided walking tour with an authorised guide. Join a regular tour or book a private tour for your group.

The cannon sloop sailings

During Diana’s sailings you will see Suomenlinna from the sea and hear about the fascinating history of the archipelago fleet. The public can  assist in raising the sails and join in with the rowing. The journey is enlivened by Admiral Chapman and his crew. The sailing is mostly in finnish, but the crew speaks english when needed. During summer time.

The Guns and Tunnels tour

The bastion walls at Kustaanmiekka and Susisaari hide over 200 years old tunnels and casemates. During an exciting tour through the the tunnels and defensive hills you will learn how the engineer troops constructed durable walls to protect one of the biggest sea fortresses in the world. On this tour you will also visit tunnels, that are normally closed to the public. Please, bring your own torch!


For children and schoolgroups

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The Ehrensvärd Museum is located on the original central courtyard of the fortress in the Commander’s House. The first occupant of the building was Augustin Ehrensvärd (1710-1772), the founder of the Suomenlinna fortress. The Ehrensvärd Museum’s collection includes paintings, furniture and ship models.
Suomenlinna has a lot to offer! Visit for example the King’s Gate on Kustaanmiekka or the Great Courtyard on Susisaari.

Top program at Suomenlinna!

You can easily spend your whole day in Suomenlinna. See what the old seafortress has to offer you!

Getting here

It takes only 15 minutes to ge to Suomenlinna from the Market Square!


Cafes and restaurants

There are many cafes and restaurants at Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna elokuva

Suomenlinna Museum

Learn more about the history of Suomenlinna

Suomenlinnan rakentaminen

History of Suomenlinna

The construction works of Suomenlinna begun in 1748