Guided tour at Suomenlinna

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The Ehrensvärd Society wants to support Ukrainian refugees in Finland and offers free guided tours in Ukrainian language at Suomenlinna, the World Heritage Site of UNESCO.


The guided tours are organized on Mondays at 11.15 in May and June 2022. The tours start at Suomenlinna from the ferry harbour. The duration is approx. 1 hour.

The tickets must be reserved in advance in here or by email


The Ehrensvärd Society was founded in 1921 with the purpose of informing the public about the Suomenlinna fortress and its history. The Society offers authorized guided tours at Suomenlinna and has been working for the benefit of Suomenlinna already for 100 years.


KohdeSuomenlinna C1,00190 Helsinki


Ehrensvärd seura ry
09 68999850
Y-tunnus: 0220249-0
Ehrensvärd seura ry
09 68999850
Y-tunnus: 0220249-0

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