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Suomenlinna Centre

Foto: Sakari Kiuru

The Suomenlinna Centre welcomes visitors all year round.

In the old Inventory Chamber dating from the 18th Century, visitors can find today several services. The Suomenlinna Musem exhibits the history of the fortress and the regular guided tours start from the Suomenlinna Centre. In the Suomenlinna Centre shop visitors can by souvenirs and litterature and in the Café enjoy a warm cup of coffee and a delicious pastry. From the Suomenlinna Centre visitors can also find brochures and information about visiting Suomenlinna.

Suomenlinna Museum

Suomenlinna Museum, located in the Suomenlinna Centre, showcases the eventful history of the island fortress from the 18th century to the present day. It also depicts the restauration of the World Heritage Site, Suomenlinna.

Wide-screen presentation

Suomenlinna is one the largest sea fortresses in the world and has even been called the Gibraltar of the North. The wide-screen presentation tells about the construction of the sea fortress, its colourful past and the people who made it all happen. The history of Suomenlinna is an essential part of the history of Finland and the fortress has played a crucial role in the power struggles between Finland, Sweden and Russia. The wide-screen presentation is shown in the Suomenlinna Museum every 30 minutes during the museum opening hours. Duration: approx. 25 minutes

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Japanese, Germany, Spanish, French and Mandarene Chinese.
Price: 6,50 € adults, 4 € children, children under 7 years free.
The ticket includes entrance to Suomenlinna Museum.Book the presentation for your group!

The Suomenlinna Centre Shop

The Suomenlinna Centre welcomes visitors all year round. From the Suomenlinna Centre start the regular guided tours and the Suomenlinna Museum provides interesting facts about the fortress.
The shop offers souvenirs from Suomenlinna as well as literature and postcards. In the shops small cafeteria visitors can enjoy a cup of warm coffee also in the wintertime.

Suomenlinna Centre is open

2.1. – 30.4. kl. 10:30 – 16:30
2.5. – 30.9. kl. 10 – 18
1.10. – 31.12. klo 10:30 – 16:30

Closed 1.1, 14.4., 24.-25.12.

Phone +358 9 684 1880