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Cannon sloop Diana

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Historical adventure trips around Suomenlinna fortress on a sailing ship

The cannon sloop tours offer unique sea voyages with an old vessel and a sense of history in an interesting and exciting way. The crew in 1700th century gear enlivens the journey on board the cannon sloop Diana. The vessel moves by means of sailing or rowing, as well as with a motor. The vessel’s passenger capacity will vary according to the programme. The sailing season lasts until the end of September 2015. The group will be collected from Suomenlinna or Halkolaituri in Helsinki Kruununhaka.

History of Cannon Sloops

Cannon sloops were developed and built dozens of at the Viapori shipyard in the late 18th Century. In battle, cannon sloops were effective due to their mobility and high firepower. The archipelago fleet that was mainly formed of cannon sloops and sloop-of-wars successfully participated in the second naval battle of Ruotsinsalmi in 1790, which is the largest naval battle to have ever taken place on the Baltic Sea. Now, the cannon sloops return to Suomenlinna. The cannon sloop Diana that has been built at Suomenlinna’s shipyard like its 1700s role models, begins its sailings in May.

Tours for groups on board the cannon sloop Diana

To Suomenlinna in 18th Century style
You can order voyages between Suomenlinna and Halkolaituri in Kruunuhaka. The duration of the trip is about half an hour, when the ship is sailed with motors. The group size is up to 40 people. Prices from 900 euros + VAT 10% / direction (max 1 hour).


Viapori cruise
The two-hour cruise in coastal waters of Suomenlinna enjoys the unique atmosphere of a historical sailing vessel. Weather permitting, the trip may made with sails out. The group size is up to 40 people. Price from 1200 euros + VAT 10%.


Sea adventure of the Age of Enlightenment
The sea adventure of the Age of Enlightenment is a two-hour theatrical cruise, during which we go back in time to the 1790s. Historical figures will take the group on an adventure to the time of Gustav III’s War. The performing Admiral Fredrik Henrik af Chapman and Captain Carl Fredrik Arnkihl prepare Viapori’s archipelago fleet to set sail, and need backup crew. Participants will have living experience of what it was once like to sail aboard the vessel. Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Group size up to 40 people. Price from 1500 euros + VAT 10%.


Rowing to Suomenlinna
What would it have been like to row the cannon sloop that belonged to Viapori’s archipelago fleet? Large wooden oars have been carved for the cannon sloop Diana, so the vessel can be rowed just like its role models during the Age of Enlightenment. Rowing the cannon sloop in the coastal waters of Suomenlinna provide an exciting adventure for groups that want to pull together and get the vessel moving with sheer muscle power. The duration of the tour starts from three hours. A historical character can be booked to set the pace of the rowing during a rowing tour. Price from 1500 euros + VAT 10%.


Ruotsinsalmi 1790 Tour
The tour offers banging cannons and gunpowder smoke for those thirsty for history. Ruotsinsalmi 1790 is a two-hour cruise, which provides an exciting time travel to the 1700s. The cruise is enhanced by historical characters: Admiral Fredrik Henrik af Chapman who designed the sloop-of-war, and Captain Carl Fredrik Arnkihl, as well as the artillerymen dressed in uniforms of the Age of Enlightenment. Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Group size up to 39 people. Price 1900 euros + VAT 10%.


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