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Cafe Piper

cafe piper suomenlinna helsinki
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Lovely Helsinki cafe with a sea view

For almost eighty years the visitors and residents of the Suomenlinna fortress have been able to enjoy a cup of coffee with pastries in the beautiful Piper’s Café. Customers can choose of traditional salty snacks such as salmon sandwiches and delicious cakes or ice creams. On weekdays a soup lunch is also on offer. Cafe Piper is known among Helsinki residents for it’s outstanding location in the flowering park and it’s lovely terrace with its marvellous sea view.

Oldest cafe in Suomenlinna fortress

Cafe Piper has served visitors at Suomenlinna since 1928. In the 18th century a wooden summerhouse inspired by Roman temples stood in the centre of the park as an imporatant part of the English styled garden. The rocky fortress needed also green areas with recreational possibilities to counterbalance the harsh architecture.

The original summerhouse was replaced by a new building in 1874. This new building was used as the Russian officers’ summer residence and a Roman-catholic chapel.

In 1921 the Ehrensvärd Society made an initiative for starting a cafe in the fortress and was given a permission to build ”restaurant facilities” in Piper’s Park. The old and decayed chapel was torn down with the exception of its cellar and a new building was built in 1928. The new cafe was designed by the architect A.W Rancken.

In summer 2017 Café Piper is open

8.5. – 31.5. at 10:30 – 16:30
1.6. – 13.8. at 10:30 – 19
14.8. – 31.8. at 10:30 – 17
1.9. – 17.9. at 10:30 – 16:30

Group reservations:During the café’s opening hours phone +358-9– 668 447 other times +358-9-684 1850 or by email guidebooking(at)suomenlinnatours.com