The best way to explore Suomenlinna is to participate on a guided walking tour.

Regular guided tours in english

On Wednesdays 5.8, 19.8 and 26.8.
Start from the Suomenlinna Centre at 14.00.
Tickets can be bought from these webpages or at Suomenlinna Centre.


Participate safely on a guided tour

We can together ensure our safety during a guided tour by following common rules.

Keep your distance from other participants. Our guides ensure that the safety distances are kept during the tour and give you instructions how to move in narrow spaces.

Keep your hands clean. Join a guided tour only if you are feeling well. Also our guides work only if they are well.

Sneeze and cough into your elbow.

Although the tour is mainly outdoors, do not touch anything.

Use credit cards as payment at Suomenlinna Centre or buy your tickets in advance from our webshop.



Guided Walking Tour at Suomenlinna in English in summertime (June - August)

Joining a guided tour is a great way to see the Suomenlinna sea fortress. The tour introduces you to the famous fortress and offers interesting perspectives on the history of Finland and Northern Europe. Welcome!

Top program at Suomenlinna!

You can easily spend your whole day in Suomenlinna. See what the seafortress offers you!

Augustin Ehrensvärd

Suomenlinna Museum

Visit the museum all year round

Kahvila Cafe Piper

Are you thirsty?

Enjoy a cup of coffee at café Piper

Suomenlinnan museokauppa


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Пушечный шлюп Свеаборг

Cannon Sloop Diana

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